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Everything you need to know about Threading?
Threading is an ancient hair removal technique, originating from India and the Middle East. The practice involves a cotton thread being twisted and pulled along the surface of the skin, plucking unwanted hair from the follicle.
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Top 10 Reasons to Visit a Spa
Are you one of those people who are still on a look out for a valid reason to go on a spa vacation? Or is it that you hold the perception that spas are solely meant for superficial grooming benefits?
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Most Valuable Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair
There is no doubt that attaining a silky, beautiful, strong head of hair holds the topmost priority for any woman. As a matter of fact it's significance is no less than maintaining a glowing radiant skin. But, unfortunately, due to the daily grind our hair receives from blow dryers and other devices are quite damaging or detrimental to the hair.
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Beauty Tip: Did you know that rinsing your hair in cranberry juice will boost its shine.